the 10 shot project.... / by rick

Leica - the ten shot project.JPG

Im constantly looking for new ideas and projects to shoot at the moment. I generally start with a rough idea in my head, then look on line for some further inspiration and then think how I might display that project.
Next its a question of what format I’ll shoot it on. These days, most of my work and projects are shot on film so that choice of format was easy.

So, here’s the idea I came up with. The “ten shot project. Why ten shots you ask? Well, thats the number of shots you get out of a pack of Leica’s Sofort film. I recently was lucky to be given one a s a gift. Rather than just randomly roll them off. I thought Id put each roll to good use. So, ten shots, one theme and each theme will be different. There will be a mixture of colour and B&W images where those choices best sit in terms of the subject matter.

Watch this space….