the ten shot project

The Ten Shot Project is live !!! by rick

The Ten Shot project by Rick Davy and Gareth Morton.jpg

The Ten Shot Project is now live. Ten shots, one theme, chosen by you. It’s a analogue based project with no pixels here. For those of you who answered our call, we thank you. What you’ve done for the project is provide us with a diverse and interesting collection of images.


Our logo represents the letter 10 in a minimal yet abstract form. The added red dot represents the proximity sensor, which completes the visual reference to the camera icon. The Ten Shot Project will continue to evolve and we’ll be adding new features along the way. You can find us on line as well as on Instagram. If you’re interested in submitting your work, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our submission page. We welcome you all.

the 10 shot project.... by rick


Im constantly looking for new ideas and projects to shoot at the moment. I generally start with a rough idea in my head, then look on line for some further inspiration and then think how I might display that project. However, this project needed to be about other photographers rather than me. Its also a project I wanted to share and it was super easy to find someone to collaborate with, Gareth Morton. A cracking film photographer who will bring a wealth of his knowledge to the project.

So, here’s the idea I came up with. The “ten shot project”. Ten shots, one theme, chosen by yourself and then submitted for review by way of our site. A social platform where we can share your work for all to see.