Glossy and glamorous / by rick


When your considering buying a new camera these days, on line seems to be the first port of call when looking into whats on offer. They all look very much the same in their appearance and when you get round to purchasing the one your after, its turns up and its all very nice I guess. No glossy brochures or lovely looking manuals anymore. Just a downloadable link for a black and white option.

That wasn’t always the case though. If you go back to the days when it was just analog camera’s for sale, the clever marketeers of the world would entice you in by offering glossy brochures promoting their camera’s. Good looking women, happy families at the beach, blue skies, models galore etc etc.


A classic example of that was this Hasselblad 500 /CM brochure. The beautiful women leads you in as if you were the lucky man behind the lens. The marketeers of the period seemed to pitch their campaign towards the male only element of photography by embracing the camera itself with large manly hands. Somewhat sexist to a degree I reckon but that seemed to be the sales direction at the time.

What this brochure has become though is retro, old school in its design but at the same time, still very attractive to the end user. I love it…