Im trying..... / by rick

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When I set about putting this project together, imaging was never my concern in terms of the finished result, it was always the writing/copy aspect of it that I feared the most. Writing for me doesn’t come easily . I know what I want to say but when it comes down to banging the copy out, It takes me a huge amount of time to put these stories together. Ive had to learn and learn fast. I have a supportive other half that corrects and proof reads the final drafts but its down to me to rely these stories to you guys. Along the way I sort guidance and help from others that write for a living and thats been quite helpful. Lizzie aka “The Cornish Bird” offered me advice as well as suggested a few individuals that might work for the project.
A big thank you to Lizzie and to my other half and to those of you who have corrected me along the way. RD