Moscow - A different view / by rick

When Im traveling, I tend to shoot stuff that others might not see. Im not really interested in the normal tourist shots of buildings and scenery you might associate with the city or country your visiting. I like to find something different that often just comes to me. Street photography works where ever you are. Sit around for a while and look at what surrounds you. Sometimes it can be the simpliest of things that makes you lift your camera and take that potential shot.
A recent visit to Moscow gave me that different view. A street view…


Moscow is full of colour, street art and much much more. We often associate Russia as been rather dark and oppressive. Thats not the case. Some areas are off limits and the security is tight but general speaking you can point your camera and shoot in most places. The art of “street photography” is be seen but not be seen if you know what I mean. Tourists can be a good subject matter to focus on as they are unaware of you as they shoot away

moscow street photography
street photography Moscow

What I saw of Moscow was a clean modern city. There was no real evidence of past brutal soviet architecture here just a rich westernised developed city thats been cleaned of every element of homelessness, begging and graffiti you might see in other large cities around the world. All part of Putins vision. The odd old women beggar can be seen from time to time in the most popular haunts, but thats about it. Everywhere I travelled I felt safe and at ease