The "Power Geek" 35mm film / by rick

No doubt you’ll remember the £1 film that Poundland so kindly gave us. The Agfa Vista 200. Well, it appears that Poundland noticed the sales success of that film so much that they have decided to produce a film of their own, the “Power Geek 35mm film” . Thats how they’ve branded it !! Not a huge amount of information on the packaging other than ISO 200, CN-16 processing and 10 exposures, yes, 10 exposures. That leads me to believe that these films might of been destine for the disposable camera market judging by the plastic casing they sit in. I reckon Poundland bought up the stock and badged themselves.

I contacted Poundland direct to see if I can get any more info on the films stock but their email back gave me nothing other than the info that’s on the box - not very helpful really. Anyway, Ive rolled off a few shots to give you some indication of colour and quality and the results are pretty good if Im honest. The enclosed images were shot on the lovely little point and shoot Olympus Trip 35mm, a David Bailey favourite.

Power Geek 35mm.JPG
Poundlands Power Geek  35mm  3.jpg
Poundlands Power Geek  35mm 2.jpg