rick davy


Does buy cheap mean cheap?

The UK high streets are packed with pound shops these days offering cheap deals. Part of that boom gives us photographers the opportunity to grab films such as the Agfa's 200 Vista Plus for just a £1. So, does buying cheap mean cheap. Well, here's the results of my first roll I shot on my Yashica Electro. Im pretty dam pleased if Im honest. I dropped the speed down from 200 to 100 to slightly overexpose it and its really worked for me. Lovely deep grain and some impressive tones. Very organic just like film should be

cornish boats

What you might not know about Agfa's 200 Vista Plus is its actually a re branded Fuji C200 film. A three layer colour negative film sold by Lupus who purchased the Agfa rights when they went out of business.

gwithian beach reeds

Following on with the "coastal" subject matter theme, I rolled off a few more shots whilst I was on an recent automotive shoot, just to give me some comparisons. What Ive found with these is the film gives such a great period retro look to them. Very 1950's


The answer to my question then is easy. Buying cheap doesn't mean cheap results. Far from it.
If your looking for a film with great grain and lovely tones, the Agfa Vista 200 is for you and its super cheap....