rick davy


Expired part two - Different tones

I chose a roll of Fujichrome Velvia Daylight for the next stage of my project. The roll expired back in 2007. Storage details, no idea other than its been in my fridge since I bought it on Ebay. Other on line sales platforms are available. 
So, how didi it turned out? Well, the first image as you can see has a blackcurrant/purple tone to it but that didn't follow through with the rest of the film. The sky had a different tone too it as well, not the normal colour I see from our Cornish skies. 

St Micheals Mout on film.jpg

This image was shot just a few hours later. The Cornish blue skies are evident here. There's some evidence of that blackcurrant/purple tone again in the lower corner of the shot but if Im honest, the Velvia is still working well given its 10 years out of date and I don't have the storage history on it. Maybe it was keep cool all this time.... a bonus

Gwithian walkways.jpg

The third image Ive selected from the roll is sweet and vivid. This is the type of colour I get from up todate film in my Leica. Nothing lacking here in terms of colour. 


To summarise then. There is some evidence of a some colour tone issues at the beginning of the roll but thats about it. In terms of how I shot it. I ran it at box speed, ISO 50.