rick davy


goodbye my loyal friends

Its time to say goodbye to a number of loyal friends. Goodbye Nikon and the excellent glass we've used together over the years. You've provided me with some reasonable images and have never failed when called on you to deliver what Ive asked for.


I made the choice to shoot Nikon all those years ago as they provided me with what I believed was the best choice for my budget and represented good value for the money. My D800 went everywhere with me. Always by my side. My favourite lens had to be the Nikkor's 85mm. Sharp as a pin. One of Nikons sharpest ever lenses and a killer choice for anyones arsenal. I'll miss you

Whats next then? We'll, it will be back to film. Im shooting more and more on 35mm these days so the choice is simple. A Leica M6. She'll sit nicely along side my other Leica's.

Believe in film. Its the future.....