rick davy


Keeping a visual

National coastal watch St Ives

Along the coast there are extra eyes
keeping a visual on how we run our lives
checking the weather and routes we travel
on the seas and over the horizon

Our powerful optics record our visuals
noted down and filed religiously
to ensure we do what we’re told 
completing the log of how our days unfold

Steve at the National coastwatch

St Ives, St Ives, this is our station
where Steve & Clive make their observations
keeping an eye on all that sails past
from hidden wrecks to rocky outcrops

St Ives Coast watch station

We volunteer our time keeping our visuals
ensuring safe passage for ships & vessels
travelling our seas on business or pleasure
so make good your journey
and we'll bid you farewell

Go safely, go safely and remember this
we will keep watching
just in case there’s something a miss