rick davy


period looking

There are some subject matters that deserve a real period look to them. The Jubilee Pool in Penzance is a classic example of that. The pool has been shot numerous times over the years but I don't think the current highly polished photoshopped images really represent the pool in its true light. With that in mind, I shot the pool on 35mm film. What film gives me that digital doesn't is a much more textured organic feel with the added benefit of grain. Period looking.....

Jubilee Pool shot on film
Penzances Jubilee pool
Art deco lido Penzance
Penzances art deco lido
Penzance lido art deco pool
  • Location: Penzance, Cornwall, UK
  • Camera: Olympus Trip
  • Lens: Zuiko 2.8/40
  • Film: Fuji C200
  • Scanner: Frontier