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Trawling the bay the "Golden Harvest" way

I was lucky enough to be invited out to sea last night by Danny and the crew of the Golden Harvest. The four man crew fish out of Newlyn throughout the year in and around the Mounts Bay seas for Cornish sardines. I might add the best sardines money can buy!

Danny Downing

It's so evident from the off how each one of them relies on each other to work the boat. Your team is only as strong as its weakest link but Danny's fortunate enough to have a crew without any weak links. As soon as we were out of the harbour the crew started prepping the boat to fish. I couldn't tell what they were doing but each of them just did what they were supposed to do in order to get the boat and nets ready.

The Golden Harvest fishing boat

It must of been 40 minutes or so out of the harbour when the radar picked up a large shoal of fish and then it seemed like all hell let loose. That simply wasn't the case though. Danny shouted out to the crew and so the nets went out. So organised you wouldn't believe it. I lost the understanding of how it all worked once the nets left the boat but as time progressed I could see how the nets were circling and drawing the fish towards us, plus the hundreds of seagulls keen for a free meal. Before I knew it, the light was gone and the boats lights lite up the dark skies.


Danny never took his eyes off what the crew were doing for a minute. Skilled that they are, Danny still needed to enforce his voice and experience towards the crew. They all knew what they were doing but the reassurance of his commands ensured that nothing was missed. Safety first!

Golden Harvest boat fishing for sardines


There's always time for a bit of fun on board. Before I knew it, 10 tonnes of Sardines were on board and the storage tanks were full. The bad forecasted weather was pushing in so Danny turned for home. The work didnt end there though. The crew still had more work to do as they returned to Newlyn. Unloading the catch of the day.

cornish sardines.jpg

A massive thank you to Danny and his crew for allowing me on board the Golden Harvest. It was a real privilege. Never never underestimate how dangerous a job like fishing can be. I was given an insight into their world which I will always be grateful. Tough, tough conditions, tough.....

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