rick davy


We're British, British, how very British - Part 1

We are very British, no matter how you see us. Over the next few months I will be documenting just how very British we are.

Part 1 - bowling

Bowling cornish style

Bowling, bowling, green grass and hats
woods, mats, slacks and cracks
rolling at speed, then slowing it down
scoring the points and writing it down

Flat shoes we wear to keep our greens fair
so our woods will travel with the greatest of care
numbers turn over as we score the points
from end to end then we bowl again

Keep them clean, count them all
home, away the scores on the doors
we're highly competitive when we step on our green
and hopefully win the game we spin

How very british

We're watched from all angles and from behind the club glass
passing the odd comment and perhaps even a laugh
at the way the games going and how they all play
hoping that Penzance will be win their game


Bowling, bowling its a love of ours
with most of us play when we're retired
Its not the fastest game in the world
but lets not forget were British and proud.