rick davy


What a diverse week

Its been one hectic week this week. From automotive shoots, to interiors and the Cling Film & Cream tattoo project too. Three 5am starts and a few miles clocked up along the way.

First up was Ben and his re engineered T4 custom Doka. There's some engineering work gone into that build. You might of seen it recently up at Camper Jam. It certainly attracted some attention. We set up a great early morning location for this one, the ex RAF Davidstow base on the other side of Camelford. Can't show you too much of Bens creation as its a pending VW Bus magazine feature. I don't want to spoil it for you.



Location: Camelford

After I got the Doka out of the way, it was off to meet up with Jay. He's the latest addition to the Cling Film and Cream project. An interesting story behind his tat's.


I continued along the tattoo theme with the Lovely Leigh. She's was next addition to the Cling Film and Cream project. I spent a few hours with her capturing some of her beautiful tattoos and listening to the stories behind her ink. Great model to work with, so relaxed and professional. Thank you Leigh.

leigh hill

Then I had Simon's Green T4 to shoot. You don't get any greener than this one! Yet again, I'm limited to what I can show you on this one as its penciled in for another one of the forthcoming VW Bus Magazine features. This one has a very different interior to all the rest Ive seen of late.


Finally, it was over to see Ben Williams. He needed some new imaging for the new web site I'm currently building for him, plus some other shots for his POS and print based material. He does build some epic stuff you know. Superb quality Ben.