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Racing and A bit of snow doesn't put the hardy off

Lets face it, us brits in general are a bunch of fannies when it comes to a little bit of snow. We just cant cope. Thats simply not the case when is comes to Stock car and banger racing. Regardless of the weather or the conditions they still want to race. This Sunday's Autospeed event at St Day certainly endorsed that.


Practicing got underway under cold but sunny ish conditions and the crowds started to arrive. Snow was forecasted for later in the day but we never really knew to what extent. Times were set and the days events laid out and the event got underway.

Autospeeds race control at St Day.JPG
F2 stock cars St Day.JPG

It wasn't long before the snow arrived and the track conditions started to change. lets be honest, snow, rubber, oil, petrol and damp conditions aren't the best racing conditions collectively but it all added to the days racing. As the day unfolded, the snow then really started to come down but didn't effect the racing or the crowds support.

F2 stock car racing at St Day, Cornwall.JPG

To summerise, the whole day was a cracking event. This was my first time at a race event such as this and Autospeed's experience clearly showed at an action packed event. A big thank you to Crispen......

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