rick davy


ten years on - Konica's VX200

Im never really sure how expired film is going to turn out especially if its purchased from a third party. You've no real idea under what conditions its was ever stored in, could of been in the fridge all these year, but very unlikely, perhaps it was stored somewhere warm or just cast aside and found in the back of a draw years later. Most of the stuff Ive bought recently has come from either Ebay or car boat sales so there's no real historical data on it. So, with that in mind and given how old this roll was, I would of normally set an expired 200 asa roll of film to say 400 asa but this time I decided to run at 120 asa. Why not!  Shooting expired film is all about playing around with it to see what kind of results you get. Anyhow, enclosed are a few images from a roll of Konica's VX 200 which expired back in 2008. I shot it on my M6 under varied light conditions, subject matters both inside and out which clearly has given me some mixed results.
The first image here is a couple of light leaks whilst loading. I love the abstract colour here....

Gary -a serpentine turner, Cornwall.jpg
Expire film shot of Marazion cafe.jpg